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Members help govern Barnsley HospitalBarnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has more than 12,500 members who provide a local voice and have a say on how the hospital is run.

Members support local NHS services

People and staff from all walks of life become members.They elect the Council of Governors and help shape hospital services in Barnsley for the benefit of local people.

We consult with members for their opinions through patient and public involvement work.

How much members get involved is entirely up to them.

Keep up to date with hospital news and performance

Barnsley Hospital NewsMembers receive a quarterly news magazine, and can raise their concerns and interests with the members’ office or with any of the elected governors.

Benefits of being a member

Being a member gives you a vote in elections for the Council of Governors. You could also stand for election yourself and truly represent the voice of local people!

As a member you can register to use NHS Discounts. A service offering hundreds of deals and savings usually only accessible to NHS staff and their families.

Update your details and save us money

Contact - Members update details

We would like members to opt in to receive updates by email. We will achieve substantial cost savings if even half our members choose to receive updates by email.

We need a few details so we can verify who you are.

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    This data will only be used to contact members about Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust or other related issues. It will be stored and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

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