Values and vision

It is our vision to be the best integrated healthcare organisation of choice for our communities and beyond. Below is a summary of how we aim to achieve this vision.
Strategic Objective 1

Patients will experience safe care.

Strategic Objective 2

Partnerships will be our strength.

Strategic Objective 3

People will be proud to work for us.

Strategic Objective 4

Performance matters.

Our Values
Treat people how we would like to be treated ourselves.
Our Values
We work together to provide the best quality care.
Our Values
We focus on your individual and diverse needs.
Behaviour: We will show you respect, courtesy and professionalism. Treat you with kindness, compassion and dignity. Communicate with you in a clear, honest and responsible manner.

Behaviour: We will share the same goals: Finding answers together. Recognise your contribution by treating you fairly and equally. Constantly learn from you, so we share and develop together.

Behaviour: We will personalise the care we give to you. Keep you informed and involve you in decisions. Take the time to listen to you.

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