Aims and Objectives 2016/17

Performance matters

Objective: Get the Trust back in to financial balance

  • Achievement of the Trust’s financial plan and control total.
  • Delivery of the £7m CIP programme and income generation schemes.
  • Continuation of controls and actions to ensure a reduced agency spend including compliance with the agency cap.
  • Action plan for delivery of the 15 Carter recommendations re productivity & efficiency including procurement, estates, back office, pharmacy, pathology, IT and patient flow.

Objective: Be the provider of choice for Barnsley and beyond

  • Ensure we are the first choice for services by improving access, improving relations with GP’s and service development.
  • Site configuration to ensure improved quality and efficiency for patient flow.
  • Develop a strategic organisational approach to patient involvement and engagement to ensure learning from patient feedback, ensuring patients have the opportunity to influence service delivery.
  • Provide a good patient experience. Improve FFT response rate and achieve consistently over 90%. Demonstrate learning from concerns raised through quarterly reporting.
  • Delivery of the Outpatients Modernisation Programme including a centralised outpatient service.

Objective: Best use of existing and new technology

  • Develop our ICE solution for electronic discharges and all forms of requesting. This will deliver significant clinical and operational benefits.
  • Establish an optimisation and stabilisation programme for Lorenzo to ensure we support and train our staff to use the technology in the best possible way for improved patient outcomes.
  • Establish a self reporting culture in our information resources to improve local ownership of intelligence to support future design and operations.
  • New ICT Strategy – 5 year programme to move towards Paperless 2020 and support national transformation strategies. Deliver a programme of work to manage the existing strategic projects.
  • Engage with the national Public Wifi Access Project to deliver digital benefits for patients and the public.
  • Deliver and support an Interoperability and Digital Roadmaps Strategy for the Barnsley Health Community and beyond.

Partnerships will be our strength

Objective: Work with all system partners to support the delivery of the urgent care pathway and 4hr access target

  • System wide urgent care action plan to deliver a sustainable performance against the 4 hour access target by the end of quarter 1.
  • Implement and manage the bed utilisation tool ‘Medworxx’ to ensure the most effective patient flow for Barnsley patients.
  • Integrated urgent care model at the front of house.

Objective: Ensure effective partnership working to provide sustainable health and care services for the local population

  • Implement integrated pathways for respiratory and diabetes services.
  • Agree and begin to implement the system wide sustainability and transformation plan for South Yorkshire including a specific Barnsley system plan.
  • Work with local partners as part of a shadow board to develop an accountable care organisation for Barnsley.
  • Work with local acute partners as part of a shadow board to develop an accountable care organisation for Barnsley.
  • Work with local acute partners as part of the working together vanguard.
  • Produce a definitive Directory of Services that showcases what Barnsley Hospital has to offer. The directory will be online, up to date and give clear information to patients and partners.
  • Agree our strategic, organisational approach to GP engagement in order to maximise the Trust’s reputation and relationships with GPs and ultimately, maximise GP referrals and market share of core services.

Patients will experience safe care

Objective: Provide high quality, safe care

  • Ensure consistency in care 7 days a week including delivery of the four prioritised standards:
    • Assessment within 4 hrs for all emergency admissions.
    • 7 day access to diagnostic services.
    • 24 hour access, seven days a week, to consultant directed interventions that meet the relevant speciality guidelines.
    • Twice daily review of patients in high dependency areas and once a day in all areas 7 days per week.
  • To introduce a revised mortality review process in line with forthcoming NHS England guidance. To ensure lessons learnt from mortality reviews are introduced using the Deteriorating Patient Group and Patient Safety Panel.
  • Development of a medical HDU facility and ‘Hot & Cold’ site
  • Continue to improve patient safety working with the Improvement Academy and AqUA with focus on safety huddles.
  • Introduce technology to detect and manage the deteriorating patient.
  • Achievement of all quality priorities and goals.
  • Implementation of Perfect Ward through quarter 1.
  • Redefine Paediatric Pathways.
  • Ensure all refurbished areas are dementia friendly.
  • Build quality improvement capacity and capability.

People will be proud to work for us

Objective: Be the employer of choice and work towards an engaged and motivated workforce

  • Develop a robust workforce plan so we can maximise our workforce capacity and capability and ensure we have the right skills mix and workforce redesign to meet the new models of care.
  • Action plan to become the employer of choice, in order to recruit, retain and develop our workforce for the future.
  • Strengthen plans to improve the leadership and management capability across the Trust.
  • CBU restructure to strengthen leadership.
  • Delivery of leadership programmes: Passport to Management & Aspiring Talent and Ascending Talent programmes.
  • Develop and implement a plan to maximise the well-being and engagement of our staff whilst moving to a ‘can do’ and inclusive culture.
  • To improve the annual GMC survey of trainee experience.

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