Case Studies

Please see below for a range of video case studies of our work (you can also see our YouTube Channel).


Russ uses his eyes to communicate and control his environment – other than a system of blinking that he uses with his wife, this is his main form of interaction.

Russ has very limited eye movement – only up and down – and so the system had to be customised specifically for him. To choose things Russ looks at it on the screen for a certain amount of time.

This video shows Russ using his system.


Ellen uses Assistive Technology to go about her day to day life – both at home and in college. Ellen has Cerebral Palsy and has difficulty controlling her body – she is able to access her Assistive Technology using two head switches.

Through these head switches, Ellen is able to drive her powered chair, communicate with people, access the computer and internet and control her TV and household equipment.


An interview with Simon who uses a range of Assistive Technology to allow him to have control over some essential aspects of his life. This video shows Simon using his:

  • communication aid to talk
  • environmental control to control his household equipment
  • powered wheelchair, using a specialised control
  • computer, using a scanning interface
  • integrated system – using two head switches to access all of this equipment


Terry uses an Environmental Control system to control equipment in his home to enable him to be as independent as possible. Terry actually uses two different systems — one system is controlled by his voice, the second system is controlled by a single switch.

Terry combines these systems to ensure that he is able to access things like the telephone quickly and easily, despite having very restricted use of his arms.