Subject Access Requests

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives individuals the right to access personal information that Barnsley Hospital holds about them.

Individuals (data subjects) who wish to access their personal information should either make a request in writing or complete the Subject Access Request Form and return to:

  • For Personnel Records:
    Information Governance Team
    Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    Gawber Road
    S75 2EP
  • For Health Records:
    Medical Records Co-Coordinator
    Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    Gawber Road
    S75 2EP

Further information and costs:

  • Requests should contain as much detail as possible regarding the information that is required to help us locate it as quickly as possible.
  • We will ask for proof of identity before any personal information is released and an initial fee of £10 to process the request.
  • For the £10 access fee data subjects are able to come into Barnsley Hospital & view their original information alongside a professional. However should the data subject require copies of their personal information then further charges will be applied to the maximum of £50.

Subject Access Request Access Charges From 1st April 2009

  • Initial Access – £10.00 (Unless additions have been made to records within the last 40 days)
  • Photocopying – £00.35 (Per sheet)
  • Recorded Delivery – £1.90

Once we are satisfied with the identity of the data subject and all fees have been paid then the request will be processed within 40 calendar days.

For any exemptions that may be applied to Subject Access Requests please refer to the Data Protection Act 1998 through the Information Commissioner’s Office website:

Make a request:

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