Hospital Facilities

We provide a wide range of hospital facilities for patients and visitors to help make your visit more comfortable.


Cash machine

A cash machine is available in the main entrance of the hospital beside the car parking pay station. The machine does not charge for cash withdrawals.

Cash office

The cashiers office is open to members of the public who are eligible for refunds for their travel between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Please read our page about help with travel costs to hospital to find out if you are eligible.

The cashiers office is located behind reception desk as you walk into the hospital’s main entrance. Turn left as you enter the main doors, follow the corridor around and take your first right and you will see the sign above the door for the cashiers office in front of you.

Keeping in touch

We recognise it’s important to keep in touch with friends and family while you are in our hospital, but we have a duty to ensure our critical systems are able to properly function. Please use the public telephones provided and only use mobile phones in designated areas.

Public telephones

The hospital has a number of public telephones available around the site to make outgoing calls all charged at the current BT rates.

Our inpatients have access to a personal communications system at their bedside which include a direct telephone line – from which you can make and receive calls, 15 television channels, radio and access to the internet.

Access to any of these services is through a smart card available from vending machines on the wards or in public areas.  For up to date information on how much each service costs, please ask a member of staff on the ward.

Mobile telephones

You are allowed to use your mobile phone whilst on site but only in the following designated areas:

  • Main hospital entrance
  • Outpatients entrance
  • Entrance area adjacent to assessment and rehabilitation unit
  • Women’s services entrance
  • Hospital restaurant
  • A&E entrance
  • Stair wells adjacent to ward areas in all three main buildings
  • Coffee shops
  • Hospital grounds

Mobile phones are not permitted for use on wards or near clinical areas as they can interfere with equipment and disturb patient care.

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