Chaplaincy & chapel

At Barnsley Hospital we offer religious, spiritual and pastoral support to patients, relatives, carers and staff. The Chaplains are available for everyone whether you have a religious faith or not.

Round-the-clock cover is provided for the spiritual needs of patients and staff, offering religious and sacramental services either in the Chapel or at the bedside.

Where to find the chapel

As you enter the main entrance to the hospital, turn left and follow the corridor right down to the end where the lifts are.  The entrance to the chapel is straight in front of you and is open at all times. Please feel free to put the lights on should you need them.

Contact the Chaplain

Chapel Staff

Father Peter Needham (CoE) is the hospital full-time Chaplin. Read more about Father Peter Needham here.

Father Damian Humphries (Roman Catholic) works part time, usually on Wednesdays, but also works on an on call basis for all areas of the Hospital.

Sister Carmel Reynolds (SM) works on a voluntary basis on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Pastor John Griffiths (Free Church) works part time at the Hospital.

We will be employing an Imam on a voluntary basis – details will be updated when the post has been filled.

Sunday service details

The hospital conducts a Sunday service (Church of England) at 10:45am. Volunteers are available to bring patients to the service and then return them to the wards. For more information contact Father Peter Needham on 01226 432725 or email

Mid-week worship details

We normally provide a mid-week mass in the hospital chapel every Wednesday at 1pm and Thursday at 2:30pm.

Hospital prayers: This is an opportunity for people to be prayed for by name. Everyone is welcome.

The monthly meditation time is on the first Wednesday of the month at 1pm.

Chaplaincy support & events

The chaplincy provides the annual Christmas Carol service for the hospital community (staff and patients welcome) and the yearly memorial service for Barnsley children and babies.

The hospital chapel is available for staff Baptisms and memorial services.

Volunteers needed

The chaplincy needs volunteers particularly on Sundays to enable patients to get to and from the wards for the Sunday hospital service.

For more information contact our volunteers team.