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Making the web more accessible

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Disabled access guide

DisabledGo is an award-winning disability organisation that has been in operation since 2000. They produce online access guides in a great deal of detail to a huge range of venues.

Barnsley Hospital has been extensively surveyed by DisabledGO and includes guides to finding accessible routes to our wards, restaurant and our major entrances.

Information for deaf customers in Barnsley

Information for Deaf People in Barnsley includes important services and how to contact them:

Information in different languages

Union flag Welcome to Barnsley Hospital
If you would like this information in another language or another format, such as large print, please telephone 01226 432430.
Chinese flag chinese-welcome
Chinese translation
Iranian flag iran-welcome-text
Polish flag Witamy w Szpiatlu Barnsley
Jeżeli chcieliby Państwo te informacje w innym języku lub innym formacie, takim jak duży druk, prosimy zadzwonić 01226 432430.
Russian flag Добро пожаловать в больницу города Барнзли
Если вам нужна эта информация на другом языке или в другом формате, позвоните по телефону 01226 432430

Hospital Information Leaflets – Multi-language

(Arabic)  العربية

(Chinese) 简体字

(Farsi)  سازمان ملی خدمات بهداشت

(Lithuanian) Lietuva

(Polish)  Język Polski, Polszczyzna

(Russian) Россия

(Somali) Soomaaliya

(Urdu) اردو

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