We have been alerted by a number of Barnsley residents that they are receiving phone calls from someone pretending to be from Barnsley Hospital, sometimes using the name “Gary Parker”.

The caller generally takes one of two lines:

  • Stating that they are from Barnsley Hospital, then asking if they or a member of their family has been in Barnsley Hospital over the last 2-3 years; or
  • Stating that they are from Barnsley Hospital, then asking whether they knew if a family member from their own phone number was in hospital.

The calls seem to be from a call centre, or a noisy place, always at the moment by a man with foreign accents. When 1471 is dialled following these calls, the number is either withheld, or is their own phone number, including the Barnsley code, prefixed by “00”, suggesting that the caller is using either Skype or internet telephone technology.

We have currently had around 15 of these calls reported to us in the last two days.

We would like to reassure residents that Barnsley Hospital is not making these telephone calls and the police and telephone companies are aware of the situation.

If you are still worried about a phone call you may have received, please call the hospital on 01226 730000.

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