The Emergency Department at Barnsley Hospital will undergo major development work as part of the hospital’s transformation of emergency services.

Building work will begin this month

Building work will begin this month to add a ten bed observation unit to the back of the current department and to increase the number of resuscitation beds from three to five.A&E building works

The building work will be taking place at the front of the hospital, on Gawber Road at the A&E and physiotherapy departments.

Lorraine Christopher, Associate director of estates and facilities at Barnsley Hospital said: “A&E and physiotherapy will remain open to patients and services will continue as normal – but building work will be taking place around these areas.

“The sheltered, seated area at the front of the hospital and some disabled car parking spaces outside physiotherapy will also be affected as extra storage and building equipment will need to be set up on site.”

Great benefit to many Barnsley patients

The multi million pound investment will transform how emergency care takes place at the hospital, improving patient experience, care and treatment.

Heather Mcnair, Cporta cabins at the front of the hospitalhief nurse who is driving the transformation said: “The addition of the observation ward to our emergency services will be of great benefit to many Barnsley patients. It will allow our staff in the emergency department to treat and observe patients in need of extended urgent care that don’t necessarily need to be admitted to a general ward in the hospital.

“We will be working extremely hard with hospital staff and the external contractors to minimise any disruption to patients, but we are asking the public to please bear with us during this time.”

The development is expected to be complete by June 2013.

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5 responses to “Building works start to transform emergency services in Barnsley”

  1. James says:

    This should have happened a long long long time ago, oh and please fire some of the doctors cause they are useless, a guy has come in with a gangerus leg after a saw accident sent him back home painkillers asking him to see his doctor sent me home when i was having fainting attacks and pulsating leg sensations and pain in the same legs and various other problems. Like i said the hospital in previous article this hospital is a joke, i am very angry, if i had the option I’d pick another hospital.

    • Kimb Jones says:

      Hello James, I’ve responded to your previous message with the same information – please follow this up with us:

      Our PALS team can offer advice, information and support regarding your care and can be contacted at and on 01226 432 430 and are open Monday – Friday during the hours of 9 am – 5 pm.

      Again, we are very sorry to hear that you have concerns and urge you to work with us to make things better.

      • James says:

        I’ve contacted the hospital a few times with these urgent concerns and nothing seems to be getting done, i just hope that you three can sort this shambles, i am a disabled getting treat as a non disabled as well saying ima bsoultly fine when i getp ain every day and cant sleep every night i am going to bed at 3 in the morning due to pain and depression and this has been happening for months so im rather appauled not blaming you and your female colleagues for this at all as this isn’t your job.

        • Kimb Jones says:

          Hi James,

          I will contact our PALS team and chase this up for you. Sorry for the late reply, your messages were originally marked as SPAM.

          As the website news feed isn’t checked for this type of feedback in future please contact PALS direct on or call 01226 432 430.

  2. James says:

    Just so you know this as already been done, and if this crap and yes it is crap isn’t sorted when i have been disabled since i was 12 and people are telling me in that hospital i am lying when i know for a fact someone has lost my records and wont admit it. So i ask you who is the one lying there cause it clearly isn’t me. I am fed up of feeling like crap feeling sick having pain in my legs getting dizzy etc like i have already mentioned to be told i am a lair, funny how for months i have wanted a neurology appointment and now i have one on the 20th of December which I’m guessing i will get lied to again.