Hospital main buildingThe British Medical Association (BMA) has announced plans to take industrial action on 21st June.

At Barnsley Hospital we have been working closely with our doctors to understand how the industrial action will affect our patients, but the expectation is that the majority of appointments will go ahead as usual.

Thursday June 21st

Patients expecting to come into hospital on the 21st June for a planned operation or outpatient appointment should assume that it will go ahead unless you hear otherwise from us.

Patients with appointments or operations that will be affected by the action have been, or will be shortly, contacted directly by the hospital.

Our priority now is to work alongside doctors to reschedule these appointments/ operations as soon as possible for these patients.

Emergencies will not be affected by the action and our emergency department and maternity services will be working as normal.

We anticipate that the emergency department will be very busy.

Please try to remember to leave emergency services free for those who need them the most.

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