Student mentor, Barnsley Hospital’s Sister Amy Marshall was delighted to receive one of only 6 awards for her ‘outstanding contribution to mentoring students in clinical practice’ last month.

The award, from Sheffield Hallam University, was presented at the annual mentor conference and covers all of the health trusts in South Yorkshire, where student nurses can be placed as part of their learning experience.

Nursing students across the region nominated mentors who had made an impact on them and Amy, the Learning Environment Manager for ward 34 at Barnsley Hospital, was happy to be one of the few to receive the accolade.

Amy said: “I’m responsible for giving students a valuable learning experience on the ward. We have many dedicated nurse mentors on this ward, and as a team we strive to ensure that students receive excellent mentoring. We enjoy having students here and aim to provide a great example of what nursing is; hard work, high standards and the best possible patient outcomes.

“The award means a lot to me as it came from students themselves, but the recognition is for us as a ward and a team, it acknowledges the effort put in to giving student nurses a great clinical practice experience. The students we mentor today are our future colleagues, and as such we want competent, compassionate, skilled nurses to work with.

“It’s our job as mentors to shape and encourage the students who pass through our doors to ensure they develop and meet their potential. To be appreciated for doing that well is great!”

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