Heavy snow has been forecast for most of today (Wednesday, April 4th 2012) so please take care when visiting the hospital and only travel if it is urgent.

Telephone numbers

For enquires about your appointment please contact the specific department directly (telephone number should be in any letters/slips that you have been sent) as our main switchboard is very busy.

If you need to contact switchboard for anything else call 01226 730000 or for general advice and assistance call the Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) on 01226 432430.

How to call a specific hospital ward direct

  1. Make note of the Hospital Ward you wish to call, for example: Ward 38
  2. Dial (01226) 43 50 XX replacing the XX with the number of the ward.
  3. This would make (01226) 43 50 38 forWard 38.

To call a specific ward follow the guide on our contact us page.

BBC Weather Link

Weather info and travelling

BBC weather has constant updates on the state of the weather in the Barnsley area. For local public transport advice visit any of the following online services:

Future updates

Important updates will be posted on our twitter feed @barnshospital throughout the day.

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