Barnsley and Rotherham Integrated Laboratory Services

The website of the directorate of Pathology, Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust.


The Laboratory (BRILS) IT system upgrade has been completed.

AKI alerts are now being calculated and reported by the laboratory, so there is no longer any requirement for you to do this manually as per previous communication.

There may be problems over the next few days, please ensure that you are checking results and reporting any discrepancies you find to for strictly urgent issues please call 01226 432633 (9am-4pm Monday to Friday)


For Blood Transfusion:

Sample validity times for samples from women that are pregnant or have been pregnant within the last 3 months will change to just 72 hours.

For a limited time, a fresh group and save may be required even if a sample has been sent prior to the IT upgrade and it may also be necessary to ask for more Check Group samples.

To coincide with the Pathology System upgrade, Blood Transfusion at Barnsley will also be implementing the 2-sample rule. This means that the blood bank will require that a patient’s blood group has been confirmed from 2 blood samples taken on separate occasions before issuing blood components for transfusion. Further information can be found on the Blood bank internet pages and will follow in a separate communication.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact




The Directorate of Pathology provides in-house routine diagnostic services for Blood Sciences, Blood Transfusion and Microbiology, with 24/7 unbroken support for emergency medicine. A routine Cellular Pathology service is provided along with mortuary and post mortem facilities to serve the Trust and the district coroner.

Over recent years, the Pathology departments at  Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust have been working together to strengthen our alliance with the aim of progressing to a fully merged Pathology service. This merger will result in significantly improved services to both our GP and hospital based users.

The following document identifies which tests are performed on each site – Where tests are performed