Blood Transfusion

Blood Transfusion Services

The Blood Transfusion Department is situated within the Pathology Department on the first floor of Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The pages on this website outline general information concerning the department, including team contacts and telephone numbers. Details of tests and other services, together with the turnaround time for tests. Although laboratory turnaround times are shown, experience has indicated that unexpected circumstances may result in  delays in the transmission of results.

The Blood Transfusion Team Contact Details

Medical Staff – The Haematology Medical Team is available for clinical advice and can be contact via switchboard or using the contact details below:

Dr Dominique Chan-Lam (Consultant Haematologist)

Contact: Bleep 401 or email

Angela Crossland (secretary to Dr Chan-Lam)

Contact: 01226 43(2810) or email

Dr Youssef Sorour (Consultant Haematologist)

Contact:  01226 43(2676) or email

Dr Rob Cutting (Consultant Haematologist)

Contact:  01226 43(2810) or email

Haematology secretary (to Dr Sorour and Dr Cutting)

Contact: 01226 43(2765)

Scientific Staff

Matthew Bend (Blood Transfusion Manager)

Contact 01226 43(2061) or email

Mark Liversidge (Blood Transfusion Operational Manager/Transfusion Practitioner)

Contact 01226 43(2628) or email

Ryan Colwell (Blood Transfusion Operational Manager)

Contact 01226 43(2628) or email

Ruth Harding (Transfusion Practitioner)

Contact 01226 43(2764), Bleep 715 or email

Heather Da Costa (Pathology Quality Manager)

Contact 01226 43(6372) or email

Daniel Firth (Deputy Quality Manager)

Contact 01226 43(6372) or email


Laboratory hours

Monday – Friday (08:45 – 17:15hrs) Routine service

All other times (incl. Bank holidays) Out of hours service

Out of Hours

The Blood Transfusion/Haematology BMS Out of hours can be contacted via telephone number (01226) 43 2628 or (01226) 43 2862 or by Bleep number 205. All urgent out of hours requests must be phoned.

The Consultant Haematologists are available via the hospital switchboard and radio pagers – ask for the clinical haematologist on-call.

Referral work

The Blood Transfusion Department refers work to NHSBT Red Cell Immunohaematology laboratory and Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics laboratory in Sheffield. The laboratories are CPA accredited.

Transportation of Specimens

Hospital samples are delivered either via the air tube system or by hand to the Laboratory Specimen Reception Department. Blood Transfusion requests are given top priority by Specimen Reception – the requests are sent to the Blood Transfusion Department as soon as possible.

Samples which are considered to be a potential “high risk” of infection should not be transported to the laboratory using the air tube system. Samples should be transported to the laboratory in sealed containers by hand.

Antenatal serology samples are usually transported and delivered using Courier Logistics from G.P practices.

Uncertainty of Laboratory Results
All pathology assays carry an inevitable degree of uncertainty. Whilst many factors are well recognized (pre-analytical variables, analytical precision) some occur by random error alone.
(A random error is associated with the fact that when a measurement is repeated it will generally provide a measured value that is different from the previous value. It is random in that the next measured value cannot be predicted exactly from previous such values).
Users should bear in mind these uncertainties when interpreting any laboratory value.
The laboratory is happy to discuss analytical variation with any user of the service.
Laboratory EQAS performance data is available to any interested user – please contact the laboratory Manager.