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We strive for quality. It touches everything we do – from our red tray scheme which highlights a particular patient’s special dietary needs, to our ongoing ward cleaning scheme designed to keep dirt at bay, to our excellent clinical services which are recognised nationally for providing better patient outcomes.

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Anaesthetics Work alongside surgical teams to provide care and relief.
Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit Stroke, Parkinson's, Syncope, Bladder, Bowel, Falls, Frailty.
Assistive Technology Provides electronic assistive technology
Bereavement Supporting families during this painful stage.
Breast Services Full range of breast diagnostic and therapeutic services
Cancer Services Supporting the many different kinds of cancers.
Cardiology Providing care for patients with heart disease.
Care of the Elderly Multi-disciplinary specialist assessment as well as generic care of the elderly.
Chest Clinic (Respiratory) Services in the management of acute and chronic respiratory disorders.
Children's Services Quality and responsive service to meet the needs of children and their families
Compliments and Complaints Barnsley Hospital is committed to providing the best treatment and care possible.
Day Surgery and Endoscopy Unit DSEU is a unit that supports patients undergoing day case procedures.
Diabetes & Endocrinology Screening and treatment of chronic diabetic complications.
Dietetics and Nutrition Dietitian services and healthy eating.
Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Ear, nose and throat-related problems.
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology and endoscopic services.
General Surgery Works from a bed base of 89 beds across four ward areas.
Gynaecology Deals with various conditions and diseases in women.
Intensive Care Care for critically ill or injured patients.
Maternity Services Information to prepare and support you through your journey.
Medical Imaging Perhaps known better as x-ray or radiology.
Neonatal – Special Care Baby Unit Care for premature and sick babies who are 26 weeks old and above.
Neurology Neurology services at the hospital.
Occupational Therapy Care for people who have physical, mental and/or social problems.
Ophthalmology Services for with visual problems
Oral and Maxillofacial For conditions affecting mouth, jaws, face and neck
Orthodontics Dental and facial growth and development.
Orthopaedics Knee, hip or back pain.
Palliative Care Practical and emotional support for patients and families with complex specialist palliative care needs.
Pathology Labs that help us to diagnose disease.
Patient Advice and Liaison (PALS) When you need advice, have concerns or don't know where to turn.
Pharmacy Providing and ensuring the best use of medicines.
Physiotherapy Provide physical therapy that will allow a safe and timely outcome.
Research & Development Barnsley Hospital R&D
Retinal Screening Diabetes eye screening.
Rheumatology Diagnosis and treatment of all rheumatological conditions.
Sterile Services High quality sterilisation services around Yorkshire and beyond
Stroke The best evidence-based care around the needs of the patient.