Children's community services

This department is based at New Street health Centre. The medical team comprises of a number of consultants and associate specialists supported by an epilepsy specialist nurse, nursery nurse and secretarial support.

The department works closely with all the agencies and the multidisciplinary teams in the community in addition to working in a complementary way with the hospital paediatric department. The department has evolved over the years to provide the following services:

  • Assessment and management of children with a wide range of developmental problems and neuro disability
  • Medical assessments of children with learning disabilities
  • Joint Paediatric Neurology Muscle Clinic
  • Joint Paediatric Orthopaedic
  • Medical advice to education department 
  • Pre adoption medical assessments
  • Medical assessments of children looked after by local authority
  • Medical assessments of children in need e.g. ‘neglect’ 
  • Epilepsy service
  • Enuresis clinic
  • Assessment and management of sexual abuse
  • Medical assessments of a wide range of paediatric problems at the request of  schools, education welfare service, school nurses and health visitors 

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