Your Pregnancy

We want to help to make your experience as easy as possible and have provided some information and advice on what to expect in the early weeks of your pregnancy and how to look after yourself and your baby.

Recommended reading before meeting your midwife for the first time

Please read through our information leaflets for useful facts and tips for the early weeks of your pregnancy.

Your first appointment

This is also called your ‘Booking appointment’ and usually takes place between your 6th and 10th week of pregnancy. There are important tests that we offer before the tenth week of pregnancy so please contact your midwife early if you have not already got an appointment.

We offer booking appointments at a variety of venues.

  1. Tip: If you don’t see any markers on your map, please download our PDF Version.

Useful facts and tips for you and your baby in pregnancy

You will be given the option to purchase a scan photograph of your baby. These will cost £2 for one photograph or £5 for three. Please ensure you have the correct change as the ticket machine will only accept £2 coins or silver.

Staying healthy and safe

Food and nutrition

Keeping fit and healthy

Staying safe

Are you looking after your Pelvic Floor Muscles?

41 per cent of women during pregnancy can have some form of stress incontinence (leakage of urine from the bladder when coughing, sneezing, exercising etc). Find out more about your pelvic floor here

If you need help identifying your pelvic floor muscles or you are suffering with stress incontinence before or after the birth of your baby we have specialist help available.  Please discuss with your midwife and ask to be referred to our physiotherapists.

Remember pelvic floor exercises are for life not just for Christmas!

Other useful information

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