Aerial Safety & Response Unit

The Trust is currently trialling the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to provide a safer working environment for staff and contractors rather than having to climb or work at height.

The UAVs can also be used to monitor the site in the case of a major incident or crime so that individual staff are not put at any physical risk or danger.

Barnsley Hospital now has the capability to use unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) on the site.

Improving Safety

  • The key priority is the safety of staff and the use of an aerial platform (drone) removes the need for anyone to work at height
  • It allows the inspection of roof areas and structures to highlight any immediate signs of damage. There is no ‘safe to climb’ assessment required for drone surveys although Trust structures are considered safe and secure.
  • With an experienced ground based operator working at a safe distance it removes any hazards that riggers or staff could face
  • There is no requirement for rope or mechanical access to inspect, video or photograph
  • Experienced pilots working with avoidance technology removes the risk of collisions with existing structures

 Reducing Costs

  • UAV’s (drones) can access any area on site removing the need for specialist equipment or vehicles (cherry pickers or other access platforms)
  • Surveys, videos, photography and searches can be efficient, speedy and accurate ensuring a very cost effective approach
  • With Trust staff trained as UAV pilots there is no requirement to procure this service when needed and tasks can be completed quickly and normally the same day
  • There is the possibility that this service could be provided at reasonable cost to other NHS organisations, public sector and private clients.

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