Become a volunteer

Hospital volunteers

Hospital volunteers offer their help and time for no remuneration to provide services which benefit patients and visitors throughout the health community.

We have over 240 volunteers working across Barnsley Hospital and the wider health community and they are greatly valued members of the team.

Who can become a volunteer?

We welcome people from all walks of life. If you are over 17 years old you can apply to be a volunteer. We welcome enquiries from people in full time education or work, as we have evening and weekend opportunities. The trust works as an equal opportunities employer.

What do volunteers do?

Our volunteers work in an array of different roles within different department across the hospital. Have a look through to see if any interest you:

Outpatient department

Over 243,000 people pass through our outpatients department every year and so it is usually the main encounter most people will have of the hospital. Being friendly, welcoming and helpful is therefore an absolute must working in this area. It could include anything from welcoming patients and visitors, assisting members of the public to the outpatients booking in desk to signposting and showing people how to get to departments and various parts of the hospital.

Coffee shops and tea bar

Volunteers working in the tea bar

Our busy coffee shops and tea bar are popular stop-off points for patients, visitors and staff alike. Your customer service skills need to be at their best as you take orders, prepare hot drinks / snacks and operate the till (full training is provided).

Escorting ward patients to the chapel on Sunday

Our Sunday service in the Chapel attracts people from all walks of life across the hospital but for patients who are bedridden or find it hard to get about, getting there can prove difficult. That’s where a kind and compassionate volunteer comes in who can give that helping hand to a patient so they can attend Chapel and get back to their beds safely to rest again afterwards.

PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service)

Our friendly PALS service offers help and support to patients and visitors in a variety of different ways from advice about hospital services to signposting where to find the ward you’re looking for (and much more besides!) If you think you could help patients in this way, then we’ve got just the role for you. Find out more about what the PALS service does here.


While some of our patients come to hospital for a day or night at a time, others can be with us for a week or more. What better way to help pass the time than a good book? Both patients and staff use our library which stocks a good range of books from novels and biographies to crimes and dramas. You could help by taking the ‘mobile library’ service through the wards and helping in the library itself. Find out more about the library here.

Barnsley Hospital Broadcasting (BHB)

Many of the most famous DJs we know and love today started out in hospital radio. If you’ve got regular slots of time to spare in your week and want the experience of working within a real studio, come along and have a chat with us. If you don’t want the fame, we also need volunteers to help collect patient and staff song requests. Find out more about BHB here.

Day care surgery

Another busy department at the hospital is our Day Care Surgery where patients come in for their minor operation or surgery, recover and go home in the same day. We need caring, positive individuals to help serve drinks to patients and generally keep patients happy and stress-free as possible while they wait for treatment and after during recovery.

Emergency department

Between 180-250 people pass through our emergency department every day. This doesn’t include the worried family members and friends who accompany the sick or injured person and have to sit and wait while their loved one is attended to. If you are sociable, open and non-judgmental and don’t mind serving up cups of tea and sitting with people as they wait, then this role is for you.

Will I receive training?

All volunteers are required to adhere to the hospital’s policies including health and safety, confidentiality and equal opportunities. Volunteers are also required to attend the mandatory basic training sessions to equip you for your role.

Travel expense will be reimbursed for travel within the Barnsley boundary and you will not need to pay for parking.

What do you get by becoming a volunteer?

  • Help the hospital and community by giving a service to patients and visitors
  • Meet people and make new friends
  • Self development
  • Confident building and a sense of achievement
  • Motivation
  • Learn new skills

Want to find out more?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, or for further information, please contact: