Easy read guide to explain Covid-19 and other resources

We recognise people with learning disabilities or autism have additional needs. These needs are assessed so care and treatment can be safely administered in a way that meets their individual needs. The following easy read information will help our patients, their family or their carers in understanding Covid-19, and what changes they may see when […]

If you need medical help, the NHS is still here for you.

If you need medical help, the NHS is still here for you. If you need medical help from your GP practice, contact them either online, by an app or by phone to be assessed. If you need urgent medical help, use the NHS 111 online service. If you cannot get help online, call 111. If […]

Gifts and donations to the hospital

It’s wonderful that lots of local organisations and individuals wish to support our hospital family right now. We need to ensure donated items are appropriate and safe to accept. In the interests of staff and patient safety, we are currently limiting visitors for patients on site, so please do not just turn up at the […]

Remember to keep apart when putting your hands together

The weekly ‘Clap for Carers’ means an immense amount to our staff working on the front line to support patients in our hospital. Whilst we at Barnsley Hospital greatly appreciate the overwhelmingly positive support, we urge people to observe the essential social distancing measures in place and ensure this is practiced effectively on our hospital […]

Welcome to our new Facebook E-Midwife

Have you got concerns or questions about Barnsley Hospital maternity services? Please use our new E-Midwife Facebook page. It will be monitored by a qualified, experienced midwife from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Our maternity service will use this page to help you – by responding to non-urgent enquiries via direct messaging. We’ll be […]

Guidance for the use of mobile devices by patients

We want you to use your mobile device in hospital, it’s an important way of keeping in touch and making use of online resources like the NHS app. It’s important that when you use your mobile device in hospital you’re careful not to: Take anyone’s photo without permission, including staff or people in the background […]

Thank you to all the children of Barnsley for staying home and safe

Since schools closed, children all around the country have made rainbows and put them in their windows. We have seen loads of them as we travel into work at the hospital, and we have to tell you it really brightens our days. These rainbows and other drawings and paintings in windows, on walls and pavements […]