New Variable Message Signs to make Hospital Car Parking easier

Barnsley Hospital has installed new Variable Message Signs (VMS) which will provide live information to help motorists identify and navigate to available car parking spaces across the hospital car parks and help the flow of traffic around the hospital. The planned launch for the VMS signs is scheduled for Monday 10 February 2020. The VMS […]

Barnsley’s new camera is Yorkshire first for keyhole surgery

Barnsley Hospital has bought a new 3D camera system which will make keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) quicker and easier for patients and surgeons. The EinsteinVision 3D camera system consists of a high definition camera used for minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery. It displays 3D images as well as conventional 2D images via an endoscope – a flexible […]

Expanded Physiotherapy Team boosts Patient Experience

A recent expansion of Barnsley Hospital’s Physiotherapy team has delivered great results – specifically for Intensive Care patients. Innovations in the Physiotherapy team have improved patient experience and quality of care resulting in reduced length of stay on the wards after discharge from Intensive Care. The team recruited an additional Specialist Physiotherapist to enable them […]