Care Quality Commission

The hospital watchdog, the Care Quality Commission, routinely checks our performance against a whole range of standards. This includes inspections at the hospital as well as taking note of independent surveys with our patients and staff.

To take a closer look at how well we are doing, see the Care Quality Commission website

Performance measures

Our performance is measured by how quickly we do things, how well we do them and covers areas such as Infection control, emergency waiting times, cancer treatment targets, cancelled operations, waiting times (including 18 weeks) and GU medicine 48 hour targets. You can read about our performance below.

We are rated by what patients think of us

Patients and visitors rate their experience of the hospital through surveys and by commenting on the NHS Choices website.


Last year, we cared for almost 418,873 patients overall in the hospital, saw 283,659 in clinic appointments and treated 79,681 in our emergency department. We also carried out 481,000 tests – such as investigating blood samples, x-rays, scans and other tests that help our doctors and GPs diagnose patients’ conditions.

The number of patients coming to the hospital as emergencies not only increased in number but also the severity of their illness was more acute than in previous years – placing increased challenge on the hospital.

Check out some of our successes below:

  • Quality Care Commission (CQC) rating of Band 6, the highest possible rating
  • 96% of our patients are treated within 18 weeks of their referral (admitted patients)
  • 98% of our patients are treated within 18 weeks of their referral (non admitted)
  • 99% of our patients are treated within 31 days of diagnosis
  • 95% of our patients with cancer waited no more than two weeks for referral
  • 90% of our patients have a maximum waiting time of 62 days to treatment of all cancers
  • 100% of our patients have access to genito-urinary medicene clinics within 48 hours of contact
  • 100% of patients are seen at our GU Medicine clinic within 48 hours
  • We had no cases of MRSA bacteraemia in 2013/14
  • We had just 20 cases of C.Difficile in 2013/14

Infection prevention

Infection prevention and control is really important to us – and we are constantly aiming to reduce Clostridium difficile cases year on year. In 2008/2009, we had 138 cases (against a target of 184). In 2010/2011, this had significantly reduced to 49 (against a target of 65). In 2013/14 we had reduced this target once again to 20 (against a target of 20).