Patients will experience outstanding care

We will deliver our Quality Strategy (2017-20) and goals:

  • Provide care that is based on the best evidence for every patient, every time
  • Continuously seek out and reduce avoidable patient harm
  • Deliver good patient experience

We will deliver our Clinical Strategy (2018-21).

We will ensure a more sustainable approach to patient flow both internally and with partners across the system.

We will deliver the Barnsley Hospital Digital Roadmap.

We will work with partners to deliver better, more integrated care

We will work with all of our partners in Barnsley to deliver the Barnsley Plan priorities.

We will play a leading role in ‘Barnsley Health and Care Together’, building on existing relationships with partners.

We will continue to work with partners across South Yorkshire to ensure sustainable local services and support others regionally.

People will be proud to work for us

We will deliver our People Strategy (2018-21) to ensure a sufficient, capable, motivated and sustainable workforce.

  • Talent: Develop all leaders to influence and motivate effectively.
  • Engagement: Motivate our people to be the best that they can by living our values and creating a culture of trust.
  • Quality: Ensure we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things.
  • Well-being: Ensure that we create an environment where our people are physically and emotionally sustained.

We will achieve our performance goals sustainably

We will work closely with all of our teams to ensure that the right support is in place.

We will deliver all of the Constitutional Standards and other agreed targets.

We will hit our financial plans and work towards a back to balance position by:

  • Cost reduction and a focus on increased efficiency and productivity including standardisation of practice and minimisation of variation.
  • Exploration of further commercial opportunities through our subsidiary company and formal partnerships.
  • Expansion of existing services and introduction of new services allowing us to reinvest in patient care.