Our hospital is committed to ensuring that quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our
Strategic aims will help us deliver on our 2015/16 priorities that support our Quality Goals.
Quality Goal 1:

Ensure we deliver patient-centred care

2016/17 Priorities

Develop ways to improve how our Hospital works with other local services to care for patients with long term conditions.

Quality Goal 2:

Deliver consistently safe care

2016/17 Priorities

Ensure no patient develops an avoidable infection during their stay in our Hospital.

Continue to take action to focus on the prevention of avoidable harm to patients during their stay in our Hospital.

Quality Goal 3:

Deliver consistently effective care

2016/17 Priorities

To focus on ensuring that we provide consistent care to all patients across our services.

To ensure that we continue to deliver high quality care to patients having experienced a stroke.

Quality Goal 4:

Build capacity and capability

2016/17 Priorities

Develop new roles within our clinical teams to support quality improvement.

To ensure all staff are appropriately trained to carry out their role safely.