Some people use and rely on a range of Assistive Technology devices – this can present a problem if the person is unable to independently control them all using the same access method.

An integrated system provides control of all the devices from the same access method.

Examples of an integrated system:

  • A scanning wheelchair controller accessed with one or two switches. The same switch or switches can also be used to operate a communication aid and environmental control with the user independently choosing which device they wish to use.
  • A joystick used for wheelchair driving which can also be used as a wireless mouse for computer access, provide the means of operating an environmental control and a smartphone
  • A custom made integrator providing access via a single switch or joystick to a communication aid and environmental control.

Here Andrew explains how he uses his integrated system:

S also demonstrates switching between a controller to operate her household equipment and using her computer – with the same ‘suck-puff’ switch.

Integrated Systems and the Barnsley AT Team

Integration of systems is offered as part of both EC and AAC provision, as appropriate, and is included in both service specifications.