Michael is a Clinical Technologist. As lead mechanical technologist Michael is responsible for our provision of mechanical equipment such as mounting arms and other custom hardware. Michael is also responsible for our workshop.

Michael’s background is as an apprentice engineer working for the steel producing giant British Steel Corporation at Sheffield in 1975. British Steel and had a reputation of giving its apprentices the best training an apprentice could receive at this time and Michael has always been proud of the training he received.

Michael became a member of the Register of clinical Technologist in 2012 and has worked for the Assistive Technology Team for over 14 years.  Michael says:

“I have always enjoyed every moment and felt proud to work here and contribute towards helping people who need and rely on Assistive technology to give them the basics that we all take so much for granted. I have seen this technology change so many children’s and adult lives and feel so proud that I am a member of this team who can provide this help. This has given me great job satisfaction and has made my time working in this field very satisfying.”