Craig Smith Simon Judge

This document provides information on ‘remote control’ or ‘home automation’ equipment that can be installed and potentially used with an Environmental Control (EC) system.  This might be useful for those who are looking to:

  • setup remote control equipment that can be used with standard remotes or apps – but that might need to be compatible with an EC system in the future (e.g. those with MND or other deteriorating conditions);
  • install equipment that will work with an existing environmental control system.

Apart from lighting and intercoms, the range of equipment listed in this document is not provided as part of a specialised Environmental Control (EC) system and will be required to be funded and installed by other parties.  Equipment included in this resource is indicative and not meant as an endorsement, alternative equipment and suppliers are available.

For further information on this and EC services, please visit our website.

(Prior versions of this document were titled “Additional Environmental Control Equipment Peripherals”).