AAC Assessment Resource
Helen Robinson

Knowing who might benefit from AAC, how to assess, and where to look for support can be tricky. This guide aims to:

  1. Outline the key areas to consider as part of an AAC assessment.
  2. Suggest resources that may support an AAC assessment.
  3. Identify when it would be appropriate to refer to a Specialised AAC service (in Yorkshire and Humber, this is the Barnsley Assistive Technology Team)
  4. Identify what the goals of an AAC assessment might be.

This document has been developed with reference to the I-ASC Explanatory Model of Decision making.

This document is not intended to be part of the referral to a Specialised AAC Service but more as a guide to the information you will need to gather before considering a referral. You may of course include this completed document with your referral should you wish but the resources and assessments suggested in this guide would be a better place to fully record evidence you collect as part of the  AAC assessment.