Simon Judge

The following resources have been released in order to support those in Intensive Care and High Dependency Units who are temporarily unable to communicate because of ‘intubation’ – having a breathing tube or other medical reasons.

In this video Kate explains how it feels to be in ICU and unable to communicate:


ICU app home screen, showing a screen with text of 'why am I here', 'what will happen to me' and 'communicate'.

ICUapp home screen

ICU app is designed to support communication in Intensive Care and High Dependency Units. This app is designed for patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU), High Dependency Units (HDU) and other wards who are intubated (have a breathing tube in their throat) – leaving them fully aware but temporarily unable to speak.

ICU app has now been released as a free app on the Apple app store.

As at 25-6-20:This is a preliminary release and a couple of bug fixes and resources will come over the next few weeks to support this release.

ICUapp was designed as part of a research project between the Helix Centre, Barnsley Hospital Assistive Tech Team and D4D and was designed based on the real lived experiences of those who have been on ICU.


Eyelink is a partner assisted method of communication using gaze which can be put in place just by printing or writing on an acetate or plastic sheet. See our resource page on how to make an eyelink and with printable templates that you can download and adapt.

We have published some videos explaining how Eye Link works:

We are also happy, as part of our Covid-19 response, to provide more robust perspex, laser cut, EyeLink boards to settings within our region for whom these may be of use.

Other Communication Tools and Resources

We plan to publish some specific low tech resources to accompany the ICU Communication App, but there are a range of low tech resources that can support communication in ICU: