On this page you will find a range of resources that we publish with the aim of supporting local teams and those using assistive technology. You will also find some links to websites and external resources. If you have suggestions for a useful resource, please let us know.

Getting the Most out of your Video Appointment- Information for Clients

Getting the Most out of your Video Appointment- Information for Clients

This resource provides guidance for clients about what to expect if offered a video consultation with a member of the Barnsley Assistive Technology team. Thanks to Rob Hall and Anna Chivers (Speech and Language Therapy Students from University of Sheffield) who developed these during a remote placement with the team.
AAC App Evaluation Table

AAC App Evaluation Table

This form is designed to give a framework to evaluate AAC apps and decide if they are suitable for individuals to use for AAC. It includes the aspects of apps that need to be considered and specific features to look for when assessing the quality and suitability of an app.

Recording IR on a Grid Pad 13

In this video Jenny demonstrates how to record InfaRed (IR) codes onto a Grid Pad 13.  This is something you might want to do if you want to be able to control equipment like Televisions from the device. This video demonstrates how to record these signals using a GridPad 13 device from Smartbox AT.

Setting up single switch access on an iPad

In this video Gemma explains how to set up switch access on an iPad with one switch, and demonstrates the main switch scanning options.  You might want to setup switch scanning on an IPad or IPhone if you are able to use a switch but struggle to use the touchscreen, mouse or have difficulty with other methods of controlling the device. Switch scanning can be setup on other devices such

Setting up wifi on an iPad

In this video Danni demonstrates how to setup WiFi on an iPad.  You can often find your WiFi password on your WiFi 'Router' (the box that connects to your phone line which provides your internet). As well as allowing you to connect to the internet, this will allow the AT team to support you remotely in using the device.

Using the Possum Freeway Controller

The following videos demonstrate different aspects of how to use the Possum Freeway environmental controller.  These videos were made by our colleagues at Possum Ltd. Plugging in Power and Switches to the Freeway Switching the Freeway on Changing the Volume and Other settings on the Freeway Controlling the Freeway with a Switch

Enable access to one app only on an iPad or iPhone

In this video Danni demonstrates how to lock an iPad using iOS Guided Access so that only one app can be accessed on an IPad or IPhone.

Setting up a Daessy DeskMount for a Communication Aid

Setting up a Daessy DeskMount This video demonstrates how to setup a Daessy Desk Mount to hold a communication aid. Setting up a Desk Stand with a Tall Vertical Mount Attaching a Mounting Plate This video demonstrates how to attach a Daessy Quick Release Mounting Plate to a Vertical Desk Stand.