These resources relate to the Barnsley Assistive Technology Team and the work that we do.

Image of Leaflet for Professionals

Guide for Professionals

This leaflet is designed for professionals to describe the work of the Assistive Technology Team. The leaflet covers: What Assistive ...
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Image of Service Users Leaflet

Guide for Service Users

This leaflet is designed for individuals who use, or may use, the Assitive Technology Team service. The leaflet describes: What ...
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Image of Loan Agreement Document

Equipment Loan Agreement

This loan agreement describes our responsibilities and the responsibilities of the person using the equipment.  This loan agreement covers all ...
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EC Service Summary Resource

EC Service Specification and Contract Summary

This resource describes what a service user should expect from our servicing and maintenance contractors. This document provides a summary ...
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Competency Framework Resource

Competency Framework for Specialist AAC and EC Clinicians

This document is intended to describe a framework of competencies that relate to the assistive technology specialist role within a specialised ...
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