Donna’s journey

I’ve smoked since I was 18 and I’ve never wanted to stop smoking. But I had a miscarriage last year and it made me think.

I was a bit daunted when the midwife broached the subject of stopping smoking but I thought I’d have a go. It hasn’t been anywhere as bad as I thought!

The maternity stop smoking service has been fantastic and so user friendly. Helen has come to my house at times to suit me and on a one to one basis. I’ve found her easy to get on with and so non-judgemental.

My family are amazed that I have stopped. I’m very proud of myself and that I’m helping my baby to grow to be the best it can be.

Helen, Smoking Advisor

I’ve been seeing Donna for about 6 weeks now it is fabulous to support someone on a stop smoking journey. I feel privileged to help.