Below is information and links to online IPC courses, organised by WHO;

WHO IPC Online courses
1.    Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)


2.    Infection Prevention and control of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)


3.    COVID-19: How to put on and remove personal protective equipment


4.    Standard precautions: Hand hygiene


5.    Standard precautions: Waste management


6.    Decontamination and sterilization of medical devices


7.    Standard precautions: Environmental cleaning and disinfection


8.    Standard precautions: Injection safety and needle-stick injury management


9.    Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) core components and multimodal strategies


10.Basic Microbiology


11.Occupational health and safety for health workers in the context of COVID-19


12.Long-term care facilities in the context of COVID-1


13.Leadership and programme management in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)


14.Guidance on mask use in the context of COVID-19


15.Transmission-based Precautions


16.Standard precautions: The role of personal protective equipment


17.Prevention, identification and management of infections in health workers in the context of COVID-19


18.Infection Prevention and Control in Maternal and Neonatal Care


19.Catheter-associated urinary tract infections
20.Surgical site infections

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