Dear colleagues,


UKHSA have developed a form to support contact tracing of health care workers in relation to monkeypox cases.


If your organisation has previously or continues to provide care for a confirmed monkeypox case, please can you ensure that details of staff who are identified as contacts are submitted using the form.


Please note:

  • For all other staff with infrequent contact with a case of monkeypox, please complete the form for each instance they are exposed to a case of monkeypox.  For example, a staff not working in a role with regular contact with monkey pox was exposed on 1st May and completed 21 day follow-up but was then exposed again on 15th June – Please complete form twice for each instance of exposure.
  • For staff who are repeatedly exposed to monkeypox cases as part of their clinical role (e.g. staff in sexual health clinics or HCID departments), the form only needs to be completed once.
  • Please enter details of contacts that have previously been identified, including staff that have already completed their isolation period.

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