WHO IPC online courses

Below is information and links to online IPC courses, organised by WHO; WHO IPC Online courses 1.    Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) https://openwho.org/courses/IPC-INTRO-EN   2.    Infection Prevention and control of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) https://openwho.org/courses/COVID-19-IPC-EN   3.    COVID-19: How to put on and remove personal protective equipment https://openwho.org/courses/IPC-PPE-EN   4.    Standard precautions: Hand […]


You may have heard about monkeypox in the news recently. NHS England have provided information and answers to commonly asked questions. Our IP&C Team have a draft Monkeypox SOP in circulation which will be more widely shared once comments and feedback have been provided from leadership and clinical teams. Also, see the links below for […]

National Cleaning Standards

Click here for access to the NHS England national cleaning standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021 webpage   Click here for direct access to the supporting information for the national standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021    For a little more information regarding the links above, check out our Facebook page where you will find posts to […]

National PPE Acute and Primary Customer Insight Newsletter

To view the National PPE Acute and Primary Care Customer Insight update from the Department of Health and Social Care, please view the link below.   National PPE Acute and Primary Customer Insight newsletter

Contechs Transparent Fluid Resistant Surgical Face Mask

Some useful information regarding the UK approved Contechs Transpartent Fluid Resistant Surgical Face Mask. Please use the link below for more information;   If you would like to view the IPC Compliance Technical Documentation, please see the link below: https://www.contechsmedical.co.uk/transparentfacemask   If you would like to order samples, please visit the link below: https://www.contechsmedical.co.uk/tfmsampleorderform   […]

Bug of the month – Influenza (Flu) – December 2021

Who am I? Influenza is a viral infection that can spread easily from person to person. There are 3 types of influenza affecting people. Influenza A and B are responsible for clinically important disease, Influenza C causes milder disease, and isn’t thought to cause epidemics. The virus is unstable and constantly changing and so people […]

Bug of the month – Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL) – November 2021

Who am I? Extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBL’s) are enzymes produced by bacteria which are resistant to many penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotics and often to other types of antibiotics.   How do I move around? As with other germs, ESBL producing bacteria can spread from person to person on unwashed hands, on equipment that is not sufficiently […]

NPSA Alert – FFP3 masks

Click on the link below to see the National Patient Safety Alert for Infection risk when using FFP3 respirators with valves or Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) during surgical and invasive procedures. NPSA alert – FFP3

Bug of the Month – VRE – September 2021

Who am I? Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci. (VRE) Enterococci is a Gram positive, round shaped bacteria.  These bacteria can develop resistance to common antibiotics. A spread of VRE can cause very limited options in antibiotic we can treat infections with.  So strict IPC Management is required.   How do I move around? VRE can be transmitted […]