In March 2020 95% of patients would recommend this Trust to their friends and family if they needed similar care and treatment

What is the Friends and Family Test?

The Friends and Family Test is one simple question which asks people if they would recommend the services they have used and offers a range of responses. It is an important opportunity for you to give feedback on the care and treatment you have received. Your feedback is anonymous and is used to improve our services.

One of the key benefits of the FFT is that patients can give their feedback in near real time and the results are available to staff more quickly than traditional feedback methods. This enables staff to take swift and appropriate action should any areas of poor experience be identified.

How do I take part?

The Friends and Family Test was introduced in 2013 and asked patients whether they would recommend hospital wards, A&E departments and maternity services to their friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment.  From April 2015, outpatients, children and patients attending Hospital for a day case procedure have also been given the chance to give feedback via the Friends and Family Test.

There are Friends and Family Test feedback cards and feedback points across the Trust. Please ask a member of staff for a card or help yourself to a card from the dispenser next to the various feedback points.

Will my feedback be confidential?

Yes. Great care has been taken to ensure that you can give honest feedback about your experiences of care and treatment. The Friends and Family Test card is anonymous and can be returned using the Friends and Family Response boxes located on every ward and department around the Trust.

How is the FFT Score Calculated?

The FFT score is calculated by looking at the percentage of respondents who would recommend the service.

The percentage will be calculated by adding the number of patients who were extremely likely or likely to recommend the Trust as a percentage of the total number of patients who responded to the FFT question.

Friends and family test