Our staff love to hear when they’ve done well and whilst giving the best treatment and care is their job, they still like to hear that a patient is happy with the care they’ve received whilst at Barnsley Hospital.

Let us know your feedback and if you know the name(s) of the staff or department you wish to thank we can let them know and pass on your thanks.

Please send an email to the hospital with the following information:

  • Your name and address
  • Whether you were a Patient or Visitor
  • Which staff member(s) / ward / department you were happy with
  • Why you were happy with the service you received

Don’t just tell us, tell everyone!

We would also love it if you could share your experience by visiting the NHS Choices website and tell everyone else how happy you were with the hospital.

The site allows you to comment on your hospital and give our services ratings that can be viewed by people thinking of coming to Barnsley hospital for treatment.

Leave a review on NHS Choices

Our recent compliments

This is a recent selection of the compliments we received in February 2019. We read all these comments and pass on the compliments and concerns to the ward or department concerned so we can improve our services even more:

“Lovely staff,  always happy to give advice, couldn’t ask for more, thank you so much!”

“We had probably the best treatment you could ask for. We’re really happy that we met wonderful people who work here. We felt like they give all they have we are really grateful to everyone who was with us today.”

“The treatment I received was done superbly and was put at ease the whole time. All staff were lovely and professional.”

“The staff I saw were extremely friendly, professional and kind. I was very impressed and comforted by their attitude.”

“Great nursing staff, clear understanding from the doctor I saw regarding results and further
treatment. Felt so at ease during my consultation, a credit to all staff at BHNFT.”

“Staff/ nurses are extremely helpful kind and considerate. Can’t do enough to make sure things are

“Provided support and positivity which aided my recovery. Felt reassured, relaxed and confident with the planned approach to nutrition.”

“The staff are all so incredibly caring and understanding. Patients and relatives know they are  safe in your hands. I include all staff.”