Role of the Learning Disability Liaison Nurse

  1. Improve the quality of care received by people with learning disabilities
  2. Collaborate with hospital services, primary care providers such as GP and Pharmacy, community learning disability and specialist services , social services and further public and third sector organisations to ensure effective seamless care
  3. Give specialist advice and support for professionals in relation to personalised care and reasonable adjustments
  4. Coordinate care and collaborate with the multi-disciplinary team in relation to the assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating care from admission to discharge
  5. Provide accessible information  and actively assist patients with a learning disability and their carers when using hospital services
  6. Provide support and advice regarding best interest, consent, advocacy, mental capacity and safeguarding
  7. Coordinate and assist in the delivery of learning disability awareness training and further education to professionals to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities
  8. Raise the profile of health and care needs of people with learning disabilities across the hospital and secondary care provisions
  9. Ensure a high standard of care is provided throughout the patient’s journey
  10. Ensure that the views of patients with learning disabilities and their carers are taken into account
  11. Promote positive experiences and outcomes for patients with learning disabilities and their carers

Who can use the service?

People with a learning disability and their carers, and anyone with significant vulnerabilities who need support, advice and guidance whilst they are accessing acute hospital services


The Acute Learning Disability Liaison Nurse accept referral from people with learning disabilities and their carers, health and social care professionals, and anyone who is involved in the care of the individual

Contact Details

Jeanette Roberts
Learning Disability Liaison Nurse
Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Gawber Road
S75 2EPPhone: 01226 431217