If you care for someone who has a learning disability and needs to go into hospital, it can be a worrying time for them and you. The Hospital Passport gives hospital staff important information about him/her. If you already have a hospital passport or communication book, make sure you have it with you.  If you do not have a hospital passport, we can provide you with the “All About Me” hospital passport.

aboutmeAll about Me

The “All About Me” document was developed to assist hospital staff to look after people with learning disabilities. It includes things hospital staff must know about you, things that are important to you, lists of what you like and dislike and any reasonable adjustments you may require.

All about me PDF


The All About Me document gives important information about a person’s everyday needs and wishes. The form should be completed by someone who knows the person really well. We recognise that people’s needs and wishes change; the document should be reviewed regularly to ensure that it reflects the person’s current health and social needs. The All About Me document should always be with the person and to be used any time the service user is admitted to hospital, respite care, or attend the GP, an outpatient appointment or a care review meeting.

The All About Me documents do not serve as consent to treatment or any other intervention. Consent must be sought in every single context and the person’s mental capacity to be assessed unless there is a valid Lasting Power of Attorney or a valid and legal Advanced Directive. Further information about mental capacity, consent and best interest can be found here.