What are reasonable adjustments

BHFT_23Mar12_0094The Equality Act 2010 requires public sector organisations to provide reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities. Hospital visits and stays can be particularly distressing and emotionally upsetting for people with learning disabilities. Barsnley Hospital is committed to tailor its services to ensure that people with learning disabilities receive the same access to services and  high quality care.

The law requires public sector organisations to consider in advance what type of reasonable adjustments might be needed. Barsnley Hospital based on guidelines and consultations with people with learning disabilities and their representatives incorporated the Learning Disability Awareness training into its mandatory training, developed the All About Me hospital passport and a Risk Assessment Tool,  adjusted numerous policies and procedures and provide forms and guidelines in easy reading format.

Barnsley Hospital and the Learning Disability Liaison Nurse aim to provide person-centred and tailor-made services. Every patient needs will be assessed and further individualised adjustments and resources provided as far as required and reasonable.