Our ultrasound department has recently upgraded equipment to one of the highest specification in the UK. This gives us an opportunity to introduce a private scanning service offering 4d scans and reassurance scans out of hours, and in line with other private companies in the region. Although this will be offered at an additional cost, as a ‘private’ service, all income will go to the trust and back into the NHS and therefore improve our NHS services.

This service will not replace any of the NHS scans which you will still be entitled to (at 12 and 20 weeks), but will provide additional scans for those who wish to have any for reasons such as finding out the gender, bonding or reassurance prior to the 12 week scan. Any additional scans which are medically required will be provided by the NHS.

  • A 4d scan would include some 4d moving clips of your baby and pictures between 28-32 weeks gestation.
  • A reassurance scan would be a normal 2d scan undertaken between 6 and 16 weeks to check heartbeat and fetal well-being only.
  • A gender scan will be a normal 2d scan to reveal the gender and undertaken after 16 weeks.

We are still in the process of deciding whether this would be a viable service and would like to know if there is demand for this in Barnsley.

The survey should only take 5 minutes to complete.

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