Each year we invite our members to a meeting, giving an update on the Trust’s performance and progress within the year.

This year, our Annual Members Meeting is slightly different to our usual event. We have recorded a video presentation for Members to view via our social media channels and website.

If you have a question which was not answered in the AMM Presentation, please send it to barnsleynhsft.governors@nhs.net by 1 October and we will endeavour to respond. Please note we cannot answer individual enquiries regarding episodes and experiences of care.


  1. Welcome and Introduction, Trevor Lake, Chair of the Board of Directors and Council of Governors
  2. To Note: The minutes of the Annual Members Meeting held on 15 September 2021 were approved as a true and correct record by the Council of Governors’ at its meeting on 16 September 2020.
  3. Our Key Achievements, Dr Richard Jenkins, CEO
  4. Patient Safety, Simon Enright, Medical Director and Jackie Murphy, Director of Nursing and Quality
  5. Operational Performance, Bob Kirton, Chief Delivery Officer and Deputy Chief Executive
  6. Our People, Steven Ned, Director of Workforce
  7. Financial Performance, Chris Thickett, Director of Finance
  8. Council of Governors, Alan Higgins, Lead Governor
  9. Looking Forward, Dr Richard Jenkins, CEO
  10. To Note: Question & Answer Session. There were no questions summitted in advance
  11. Closing Remarks, Trevor Lake, Chair of the Board of Directors and Council of Governors
  12. Close

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