We are making rapid changes to how we deliver services at the hospital so we can best serve our community during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have made the following changes to appointments.

Outpatient Appointments

We are continuing to provide essential Outpatient appointments however, many appointments will be postponed if possible. Patients coming to the hospital are being advised to attend alone if they can in order to minimise the number of people congregating in waiting areas, and to sit 2 metres apart from other people.

Surgical Appointments

We are now only carrying out procedures on emergencies, clinically urgent and cancer patients. This is in line with what many other Trusts in the country are doing in preparedness for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) as well as managing the increase in admissions with respiratory symptoms we are currently seeing. Therefore lists for the next 6 weeks which were previously planned to run, and patients given appointment dates, have now been changed.

Radiology Imaging Appointments

We have taken the decision in line with the overall government social distancing strategy to limit non-urgent activity and unnecessary exposure of the public. This will include all non-urgent medical imaging to allow protection for staff and patients, whilst also supporting the expected increase in urgent imaging activity we anticipate during this time.

All routine imaging, including outpatient and GP patients, is now temporarily suspended. Those who already have appointments will be contacted to postpone their appointments with the intention of re-booking once there is indication from the Department of Health that it is safe to do so.

Patients who have not received an appointment yet will not receive an appointment until the situation improves. Urgent, two week wait, and inpatient requests for imaging will continue to be appointed and performed. Further communication will be issued if there are changes to this.

Requests for medical imaging can either be delayed until after the current change in service or, if they are requested, will be placed on hold until normal service is re-instated. Patients may expect that even if requests are placed, not to expect appointments for routine imaging tests.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and co-operation. These are very difficult decisions for us to make as a hospital and we are very grateful for your understanding.