Barnsley Hospital is holding a special memorial service on Sunday 8 October at 2pm in the hospital chapel for families who have lost a baby or child at any time during or after pregnancy. All family members and friends who wish to come together to remember at this time are welcome.

The memorial service will be held to coincide with international Baby Loss Awareness Week, taking place the week commencing 9 October. For more information go to

Baby Loss Awareness Week gives families an opportunity to commemorate the lives of their babies, knowing that thousands of other families across the world will also be doing the same. It also gives people a chance to talk openly about the subject and raise awareness of baby loss.

Families will be invited to light candles in memory of the baby or child they wish to remember and will also have the opportunity to ask for their baby or child’s name to be read out. The service will also include the reading of poems, a short talk and some songs.

Cath Jones, Bereavement Coordinator, said: “The memorial service is an opportunity for parents and families to say a final goodbye and come together and support each other. It’s the twelfth year that we have held the service and it’s important for families to realise that they’re not alone in their grief.”

The memorial service will be hosted by Father Peter Needham, Chaplaincy Manager at Barnsley Hospital. To find the Chapel, follow the corridor down to the end on the left-hand side of the main reception at the hospital until you reach the lifts.


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  1. Sarah Hubbard says:

    I attended this memorial service 3 years ago following a miscarriage and when I was heavily pregnant with my son. Unfortunately, I missed the last 2 as I didn’t hear about it and it wasn’t advertised anywhere. I was thinking about it this morning and when checking on the hospital website realised that I have missed it again.