Barnsley Hospital is one of four NHS hospitals to feature in the latest series of  ‘The Secret Life of the Hospital Bed’.

There are over 150,000 hospital beds currently in use across the NHS, and they witness some of the most important moments of our lives. ‘The Secret Life of The Hospital Bed’ cameras captures these moments by following the occupants of the hospital bed on their journey through the healthcare system.

At Barnsley Hospital, cameras were set up in the Emergency Department capturing the patients attending the busy department and the diverse range of illnesses and injuries they presented with.

The first episode shows 42 year-old Michelle who was rushed in to Barnsley Emergency Department by ambulance having suffered her second stroke. The episode shows how staff reacted quickly in order to limit the damage that could have been caused to Michelle’s brain.

Other Barnsley patients that feature throughout the series include; an 18 year old who was involved in a motorbike accident, a 27 year old with a punctured lung, a grandfather with severe abdominal pain and a teenager with a dislocated elbow.

Emergency Department Consultant, Dr James Griffiths, who features in the documentary, said:

“We’re really pleased Barnsley Hospital were approached to take part in this documentary, it’s given us the opportunity to show the public the wide range of patients that come through our department each day.

“We are a really busy department and there is a lot of pressure but this documentary really highlights just how well we all work as a team to provide high quality, safe care for our patients.”

‘The Secret Life of the Hospital Bed’ is aired on BBC One every weekday morning at 9.15am, starting on Monday 5 June. On Friday 9 June the episode will be on BBC Two due to the election results coverage being on BBC One.

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2 responses to “Barnsley Hospital to feature in BBC One documentary”

  1. Ann Lowe says:

    My last experience of BDH (I live in York) was 18 months ago. My amazing dad spent the last week of his life in your care. I cannot speak highly enough of every member of staff who looked after him. He was 91 years old and was shown such respect and dignity as he faded away. My sister and I sat by his bed watching how hard you all work. You did all you could to make him as comfortable as possible. My lasting impression is the wonderful young people who work so, so hard, you are so, so undervalued. Thank you

    • Andy Leppard says:

      Thank you for your comment Ann. It’s lovely to know our community of staff and volunteers were able to give the support your family needed.

      This week is Volunteers’ Week. We’re highlighting our volunteers’ contribution and I wonder if you met any of the people featured in our video?

      Again, thank you for taking the time to tell your story.