Barnsley Hospital have signed a new catering contract that will enhance the dining experience for patients on wards and for staff and the public in the hospital restaurant.

The new contract will be provided by ISS Facilities Services, although ISS currently provide catering services for the Trust, the new contract will see some exciting changes for the benefit of patients.

The improved patient meal service will incorporate a hostess delivery service to patients on the ward, ISS hostess staff will take patient food orders using an electronic patient meal ordering system that ensures patients receive their meals ordered on the same day and no more than one meal in advance. This new system allows the hostess to explain meal choices to patients with pictorial representations of the meals on offer.

Food will then be plated at ward level, by ISS staff, offering the opportunity for correct portion sizes as appropriate per patient. Along with new and improved food and beverage trolleys this will ensure that food remains at the correct temperature until served.

A six week pilot of the new services starts on Wards 19 and 20 on Monday 26 June with a full roll out expected in October.

Lorraine Christopher, Director of Estates and Facilities at the hospital, said: “Not only will the new hostess service provide a more personal engagement with patients, it also frees up ward staff time to enable them to focus on patient care rather than distributing food and feeding patients. We’re really excited about this new step in our partnership with ISS and are looking forward to the pilot starting.”

Along with the hostess services the new seven year contract with ISS includes plans to refurbish the onsite restaurant, providing a restaurant in a modern environment with an improved menu and Costa Coffee service.