October is Black History Month, and this year is extra special as we join the rest of the country in celebrating and recognising the contribution of all Black communities across our society.  This year’s theme is “Proud to Be”, which Black History Month UK magazine says is “inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter events”. People are being encouraged to share what they are proud of on social media.

Black History Month was launched in the UK on 1 October 1987 following a campaign by Akyaaba Addai Sebo who worked for Greater London Council (GLC) at the time. The GLC selected October as Black History Month to coincide with Marcus Garvey celebrations and the London Jubilee. Black History Month recognises, rewards and celebrates the contribution made to our society over many years by the African and Caribbean communities. During Black History Month we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also those who contribute and to and help our society today.

The theme of Black History Month 2021 to focus on celebrating identity and colour, to inspire and share the pride people have in their heritage and culture – in their own way, in their own words.

By asking people to share what they are Proud to Be we can share both individual stories and the vast richness of diversity that black people bring to the UK.

At the Trust we are celebrating our people and BAME staff members, so keep an eye out on both our website and social media for these as the month progresses.

Throughout the month we will be caching up with our Black History Month Heroes

How can I get involved?

There will be events up and down the country throughout the month – everything from comedy shows to art exhibitions, poetry recitals and talks.

The best way to find what’s going on in your area is to search on google for Black History Month events in your nearest town or city.