To support staff during the current times, as of 25/3/2020, we are intending to make our car parks as accessible as possible to staff, essential visitors and contractors.

Our car parking will be free of charge until further notice. Please note that this will be piloted initially, and then reviewed monthly to ensure that we are achieving the following:

  • Allowing staff access to as many car parking spaces as possible.
  • Allowing essential visitors access to spaces.
  • Retaining site security.
  • Minimising the impact of car parking on our neighbours.

This will be achieved by the following:

  • Immediate lifting of the barriers to Car Parks 2, 3 and 4 – We have a limited number of Trust parking spaces available so please be aware that these spaces will be on a  ‘first come first served basis’.
  • Car Park 1 will be allocated to visitors and contractors.
  • Car Park 4 (immediately outside the main hospital entrance) is for use by patients and visitors only.