The Energy and Sustainability team at Barnsley Hospital are encouraging all staff to do their bit over Christmas and reduce our collective impact on the environment.

A white Christmas looks unlikely and that trend is set to continue due to the effects of global warming.

Having recently won a national award for the “Most Sustainable Public Sector Organisation” in Health/NHS category, the team want to remind staff to think about their footprint when using electrical appliances.

Sustainability intern Patrick Killoran said:

“It’s important that we think about the implications of leaving office appliances left switched on; whether it’s lights, lamps or speakers.

“Agree with your colleagues in your department what can be switched off such as shared printers, photocopiers, scanners, fax machines etc. and turn down (or off) radiators, heaters and kettles.”

Did you know; leaving a PC switched on for the Christmas emits as much pollution as driving a car 100 miles and can waste up to £15 per person?!